Our Founding Members

Mission Statement

To inform the public and provide a channel for public debate and discussion concerning the human and Constitutional rights of all people; to bring together diverse groups of people to support those repressed for racist or political reasons; to work to end racist practices in the community and government; and other activities consistent with the above purposes.


The Kentucky Alliance was founded over forty years ago because of the history of racism in Louisville and all over the country. Despite the election of our first African-American president, the Alliance believes that we are not in any kind of "post racial America".

White supremacy is embedded in the institutions of our society and explodes constantly in our daily lives. This continues to make our city deeply divided. The progress that has been made came as a result of an organized grassroots, racial justice movement. Any future progress will come from keeping that movement growing.

There are ever-increasing numbers of people both people of color and whites who want to be a part of building the racial justice movement. The mission of the Alliance continues to bring the need and the people who want change together ultimately to build an ANTI-RACIST MAJORITY.

Racism destroys everyone. It stunts the lives of people of color, especially the young. It also destroys whites because it makes it impossible for us to build unity to solve the pressing social problems that face us all.

Throughout our history, the approach of the Alliance has been action. Our goal is to mobilize people of color and whites to take action together against specific instances of racism in our community.